Church Histories

Binders contain the following subjects. They are available as reference material in the library area during regular business hours.  We plan to expand this collection. The histories contain  names of ministers, lay workers, church officials. They provide insight into the mission of the various groups and their involement in the community.

Baker United Methodist Register and Pastors, Baker, FL.
Bethlehem Baptist Association, 1858 - 1860; 1866; 1869
Darien Baptist Church Records, 1794 - 1862
Early Churches of Okaloosa County, Beech Branch Assembly of God
Escambia County Alabama Baptist Association
History of  Churches of Walton County, FL
History of Sister Church, Washington County, GA.
Holt Methodist Episcopal Church, Holt, FL.
Lebanon Baptist Church, Baker FL.
Limestone Baptist Church, Walton County, FL
Lime Springs Baptist
Milligan Baptist Church, Milligan, FL.
Pyron Chapel
Pensacola Bay Baptist Association Minutes, 1887 - 1896; 1904 - 1911 and 1897 - 1903
Santa Rosa Baptist Association Minutes, 1907 - 1956
Shadey Grove Assembly of God Church, Baker
Union Hill Baptist Church, 1824 - 1997
Union Baptist Church, Washington County, GA 1844-1988