Commissioners Meeting Minutes

January 4, 1916
Bond of  CS Wright, Deputy Sheriff, Theo Staff & ES Bucks, surety - approved. Board adjourned till 8 o'clock tomorrow.

January 5, 1916
All members present.
Resolved that " The Old Spanish Trail Highway be designated to cross Yellow River at Milligan, Florida . . . and that the route be extended by Baker, Munson, Jay and on to Chumulka Springs Bridge as a Northern route; and via Holt, Milton and on to said Bridge as a southern route for said Highway." Overseers of Public Roads: AJ Bolton, WS Bethea, JE Steele.

Plans were made to do a "Test" stretch of highway with equipment from Santa Rosa, to determine cost of building roads.

Meeting day changed to second Tuesday.

Election precincts:
1 - South Baker; beginning at NE corner of section 5 and embracing sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 17 18 of T3N, R24W and sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 of T3N, R25W - Voting place in town of Baker.

2 - North Baker; All the territory North of T3N between Black Water and Yellow River and South of Deadfall & Narrows Creek - Voting place at and in the town of Baker.

3 - Beaver Creek; All territory South of Ala. line west of Blackwater North of T3N - Voting place JE Boyett's Store.

4 - Old Walton; All territory South of Ala. line between Yellow River and Horse Creek - Voting place Jessie Parker's

5 - Laurel Hill; All of T5N, R22W - Voting place Laurel Hill, Fla.

6 - Yellow River; All of T5N, R23W that lies east of Yellow River - Voting place Magnolia Church House

7 - Blackman; All territory South of Ala. line between Black Water, Horse Creek, Yellow River, Deadfall and Narrows Creek - Voting place JW Baggett's.

8 - Milligan; South half of T?N, R24W, all of T2N, R24W and all of T3N, R24W except Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 17, 18 - Voting place town of Milligan.

9 - Holt; South half of T1N, R25W, all of T2N, R25W and all of T3N, R25W excepting Sections numbers one to fifteen inclusive - Voting place town of Holt.

10 - Howell; All of T1S, R24W north of Alligator Creek and west of public road leading to Crestview in T1S & T1N - Voting place Howell.

11 - Deerland; The N half of T1N and all of T2N and all of T3N, R22&23W - Voting placeDeerland

12 - Garden City; All of T4N, R23 & 24W east of Yellow River - Voting place Garden City.

13 - Dorcas; All of T4N, R22W - Voting place Dorcas School House.

14 - Niceville; South half of T1N, R22 & 23W and all of T1 & 2S, R22 & 23W excepting Sections 19-30 & 31 in T1N, R23W and Sections 6, 7, 18, 19, 30, 31 in T1S, R23W and Sec. 6, T2S, R23W - Voting place (blank).

15 - Crestview; The North half of T1N, all of T2N and all of T3N R23W - Voting place town of Crestview.

16 - Mary Esther; All of T2S west of Garnier's Bayou - Voting Place (blank).

17 - Wrights; Sections 19, 30, 31 T1N, Sections 6, 7, 18, 19, 30, 31 T1S and Sec. 6 T2S, R23W and that portion of T1N&S south of Alligator Creek and east of Crestview road on R24W. - Voting place (blank).

Also included in this meeting was a long list of men eligible for jury duty.

Board of Commisioners Meeting - 1916

The voters of each precinct were requested to meet on the 19th of February to elect a member to the Executive Committee who were then to meet at Milligan on March 4th to organize and attend to business required by law.

JW Baggett, Jr.   Chairman
Jas. L. Clary  Clerk Ct. Court

At the meeting of Feb. 8, 1916, Precinct 18 - RedOak was set up; Beginning at the NE corner of Sec. 30 T6N, R24W and running South to the SE corner of Sec. 19, T5N, R24W, thence west to the SW corner of Sec. 19, T5N, R25W, thence North to the State line, thence east to starting point - Voting place Red Oak.

At the meeting of April 11, 1916, the pension of Moses McClenny was approved.

At the meeting of May 9, 1916, Voting Inspectors were recorded for each precinct:

1 - S. Baker: Joel Griffith, AW Langley, JF Watson with GC McClarty, Clerk
2 - N. Baker: AG Blue, YF McCart, John Wilkinson, Sr.; Clerk, AF Moore
3 - Beaver Creek: FP Snowden, AM Boyettte, JW King; Clerk, PD Franklin
4 - Old Walton: WD Smith, JM Parker, JL Baggett; Clerk, WF King
5 - Laurel Hill: JM Summerlin, WB Fountain, HM Stokes; Clerk, AD Campbell
6 - Yellow River: PB Senterfitt, JBS Clary, PJ Summerlin; Clerk, JJ Moore
7 - Blackman: HG Baggett, VC Lawhon, JJ Hart; Clerk, SC Hinote
9 - Holt: HM Smith, RE Shofner, MR Senterfitt; Clerk, RA Johnson
10 - Howell: JM Jorden, BF Weekley, JJ Weekley; Clerk, RM Strickland
11 - Deerland: AJ Bolton, EM Parker, JL Mathis; Clerk, JJ Ellis
12 - Garden City: HC Powell, Horace Jones, JM Edge; Clerk, ML Wheelus
13 - Dorcas: John McSwain, AL Hart, WH Swinney; Clerk, JM Miller
14 - Niceville: JF Allen, JS Senterfitt, BH Munn; Clerk, Geo. W. Allen
15 - Crestview: ME Savage, JR Smith, JC Settles; Clerk, JD Cobb
16 - Mary Esther: Charlie Shipley, JC Davis, TC Brooks; Clerk, EM Southwich
17 - Wrights: Geo. Wright, Joe Rogers, Blanie Brooks; Clerk, ER McKee
18 - Red Oak: JW Franklin, JO Franklin, Chas. Brachill(?); Clerk, LA Fleming