Otahite Post Office

(Holley Family)

Otahite Post Office building

    The Otahite community  was originally a Native American outpost along the Indian trails of northwest Florida.  It has now faded back into the Blackwater State Forest.  The Indians called it “Otahite” meaning, “damp place.”  

     As white settlers began to move into the area, Otahite’s role in frontier history gained prominence.  The community served postal, trading, travel and communication needs of the pioneers.  There was an inn and stagecoach station, as well as, the post office.  Major paths and trails extended out in several directions from Otahite.  I’ll bet you thought that stagecoaches were only in cowboy movies, didn’t you! 

     Creek Indian Tribal Elder,  Nathan Chessher explains how to pronounce the name:  “The local people pronounce it OTA-HIGHT.  But, it is a Creek Indian word and they stress all the Letters. If it had an E on the end it was because that is the way they said it O-TA-HI-TE, as a T was pronounced as a D it would have been said as Oda-hi-De.”