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The Baker Block Museum

Baker Block about 1920 edited.jpg

The Baker Block Museum is housed in a 1907 block of brick buildings that served as the business hub of the tiny community of Baker Florida. The Baker Mercantile Store operated for approximately 90 years in the building and Museum exhibits feature original items from the store.

The turpentine and timber exhibit reflects the area’s leading industry of many years and the stories of the pioneer families it brought to west Florida.


Arrowheads, pottery and a 1200-year-old carbon-dated canoe are just a few of the artifacts in the Native American display. 


The military exhibit features the strong military presence in the Florida panhandle and includes items from the Civil War to the early history of Eglin Air Force Base, along with World War II memorabilia.

Don’t miss the homemade copper whiskey still used to make moonshine liquor along the Yellow River. Farming and agriculture was a way of life for most of the area’s early settlers and the many tools and farm implements round out displays depicting the history of Okaloosa County.

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